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The Day After (2018 Midterm Elections)

“Our representatives … are put there, in the hallowed halls of power, not just to represent their core constituency, but to come to agreements, outcomes, and, yes, compromises, that benefit us as a country, don’t disenfranchise anyone, and don’t cause us to devolve into chaos and war.” Continue reading

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Pippen the Variable

“…I was pleased that someone had made a musical about one of my favorite characters from Lord of the Rings. However, I did find there to be a number of distracting differences in this adaptation…” Continue reading

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Hi! Yup, I’m Back.

I know, I know: It’s been a while. Sorry about that. Life has been … interesting, and busy, and sometimes a bit wild, and, well, interesting some more. Interesting, sometimes, in the way of that Chinese curse. We’ll be getting … Continue reading

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