About C. Patrick

C. Patrick Neagle is a writer, photographer, multi-media artist, and dedicated bad-movie watcher.  For money, he teaches college-level English classes on U.S. Navy ships.  He has “slimed” salmon in Alaska, worked for a P.I. agency, travelled cross-country by train, and seen the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. Current projects include publishing his essays and novels in e-version collections, recording a series of pulp-era-influenced sci-fi-comedy audio plays with the producer George Cron (Class Act Productions). His photography can be seen on display at Canvas Art Gallery in Springfield, MO and online at at cpatrickstudios.zenfolio.com. He’s also been playing around with an indie e-book publishing house: Goblinbrook Press (www.goblinbrook.com). C. Patrick’s blog is, erm, here. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter (@Parablehead).

C. Patrick Neagle

C. Patrick Neagle by R. Brannon Estis Photography

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