Submitvember Follow Up

This past November (the 2019 one), I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month, for the uninitiated; Movember, where you grow out your facial hair, if you can, is different). Instead, I did something I dubbed Submitvember (which is also different than what you might be thinking, if you’re thinking it has something to do with whips).

For Submitvember, I submitted one of my writings somewhere (to a magazine, publisher, editor, or, in the case of a book, an agent) each day throughout the whole month. I allowed myself one missed day, and three days where I could double up on submissions (but ONLY double up). In the end, I only doubled up once. That means, yes, I made my target of 30 submissions in 30 days! Woo! Go, me!

Now that we’ve passed the midpoint of January (in the Year of Our Calendering 2020, all hail our robot overlords!), I thought it was time to give you an update on how it all played out, even though I’m still waiting on responses from a few markets. Mostly, I’m doing the update because (SPOILER!), I got an acceptance! Woo! Go, me!

Here’s the tally as of this writing (I’ll add updates periodically on the remaining 11):

  • Submissions: 30
  • Unique Titles: 24
  • Unique Markets: 22
  • Short Stories: 23
  • Bookses: 1
  • Rejections: 17
  • Withdrawals: 1 (due to the closure of the market)
  • Still Pending: 10
  • Shortlisted: 1 (crossed fingers, crossed fingers)
  • Acceptances: 1 (Woo hoo!)

As you might suspect, I’m pretty excited about that acceptance (and the shortlisting), and even about the personalized rejections (of which there were 2). What’s that? Am I bummed about the rejections? Well, sure, I’d like more of them to have been acceptances, but given that most of those markets receive hundreds of submissions for a handful of available slots, I’m counting this as a VERY successful round of submitting. Now I need to get back to writing, which has fallen off a bit what with the other projects (such as the two new podcasts: The Gothic Podcast, and the Lady Starr, Space Ranger audio play). Someone needs to find that whip.

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