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Beg, Borrow, or Steal

Those of us who are creatives in whatever field–be it art, writing, film, poetry, or (my sidebar project of the last couple of years) pro-Game Mastering–must eventually wrestle with the question of where-do-our-ideas-come-from?. Is there such a thing as originality? Is there such a thing as ‘creation’ rather than ‘borrowing’ or ‘stealing’. Can we have our own ‘style’, or will that always be an echo of someone else’s methods? Continue reading

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Become C. Patrick’s Patron and help support the arts. Continue reading

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Days 16-20: 20 Days of Submissions

The End is Nigh! Here we are at the end of my self-imposed 20 Days of Submissions. If you’ve been following this thread, then you know what that is. Otherwise, click the link and catch up on the fun. Today … Continue reading

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