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My Friend …

Toward the end of “Tombstone” (the awesomely trope-y and irresistibly quotable 1993 movie starring Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp and Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday), Wyatt Earp visits Doc on his deathbed and tells him that he wrote a book … Continue reading

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Imposter Syndrome and You

That idea of ‘being found out’–the ‘finding out’ part being when the people who are paying you for what you do discover (you feel) that you hardly know more than they do, this realization accompanied by a look of disdain that you are certain they are sure to give you–is at the heart of Imposter Syndrome. Continue reading

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Paid-vs-Free Game Master Services

Ah, Paid-vs-Free GMing. The age-old question, pondered by Conan himself in the Hyborian Age. When I started playing D&D (to use the most famous representative as the example), I was 11 and none of us knew what we were doing. … Continue reading

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