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In Ye Olden Days, the great and powerful became patrons of artists and creators because the great and powerful knew the importance of art. Doing this has sorta fallen by the wayside, but now, thanks to the internet, you can once again become a patron to those artists and creators whose work you want to encourage and support. How? By using Patreon, a website where you can choose among many different types of creatives and many different levels of support.

Once you head over to the site, you’ll see that there are a lot of creative types to choose from. How to decide? Well, if you’re reading this, then it means you like my stuff for some reason or another. Why not choose me? You can choose patronage levels from $1/month to $100/month and recieve a variety of benefits in the doing. But, of course, the finest benefit is knowing that you are helping to support art and creativity in the world. And that’s a very good thing. Just click on the button below. And thank you so very much.


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