“Lady Starr, Space Ranger” Audio Play

So, a few years back, I wrote my very first audio play. I think I wanted to do so because I’d been playing around with the CeltX app for some screenwriting projects I wanted to do, and the wonderful world of podcasting was in its infancy. Also, it sounded like fun. I wanted to create something that was a bit spoofy, a bit 1950s, and a bit risque.

The result was “The Adventures of Lady Starr, Space Ranger.” Five episodes of varying length (but relatively short), with a loose connecting arc that, honestly, developed along the way. I didn’t really think much would come of them. They were my first go at the format, I didn’t know anyone with recording equipment, and I didn’t know any voice actors.

But I was also showing photography at a gallery in Springfield, Missouri around that time. It so happened that the gallery rented out their upstairs space to an acting troupe. One fateful night at the gallery, I was chatting with a fellow I met, named George Cron, about my audio play, and it turned out that he was the producer of those parodic upstairs shows. He turned out to be very interested in the Lady Starr concept, and so we entered into discussions about how to bring it to fruition.

Well, time and technical issues came and went. I wound up writing a whole bunch of parodies for A Class Act — primarily two seasons of Batman Parodies. What didn’t happen, though, was Lady Starr. Oh, we had a Facebook page and a Twitter account and even a website for a while, but the actual recording was plagued by … well, possibly aliens.

By this time, I’d moved out to the Pacific Northwest (hellllloooooo, Portland!) and was involved with other projects, but every once in a while, George and I would chat about Lady Starr and wonder if now maybe possibly could be the time.

Segue to right now. Voice casting came together, the recording managed to not self destruct, and Episode One of the Adventures of Lady Starr, Space Ranger is in the can. The five-episode season isn’t done yet, but I’m happy to be able to offer up Episode One to you as a preview of what’s to come. So, grab some popcorn, click the link, and lean back and enjoy … “The Adventures of Lady Starr, Space Ranger, Ep 1: Lady Starr and the Tentacle Things of Venus,” starring Adie Williams as the voice of Lady Starr, written by me, and produced by A Class Act Productions. Click on the cool art by Jared George, below:

Art by Jared George
(c) 2019 by Class Act Productions
All Rights Reserved

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