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20 Days of Submissions

For the next 20 consecutive days, the author is going to submit a work a day to some market, somewhere. Continue reading

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Two Sticks and a Corkscrew: Hamilton Mountain Hike

Two Sticks and a Corkscrew is a column here at Distracted by the Shiny where we’ll take you along with us (uh, virtually — we can’t be waiting around all day for you to get your gear ready) on some of our hiking adventures around the Pacific Northwest. So far, most of these have been in the Columbia River Gorge area — but that certainly isn’t limiting. There are hundreds of great hikes in the Gorge. For this excursion, let’s go to… Continue reading

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The Appendix of Halloween (October Horror #6)

The canon of horror movies according to C. Patrick. Enjoy your Halloween film fest! Continue reading

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