The List of Top 10 Things to Make Top 10 Lists About

Well, another new year is almost upon us. You know what that means. That’s right: it’s time for Lists of Top 10 Things! Yup, that dead zone between Christmas and New Year’s Eve could be filled with mindless TV watching, but it’s even better to fill it with mindless lists of Top 10 Things. I know, I know, you don’t maybe have time to figure out what to make a list of your Top 10 things about. Well, that’s okay. I’m here to save you the trouble. Below is my Top 10 List of Things to Make Top 10 Lists About!

#10: The Top 10 Best Holiday Meals OF ALL TIME that can be Cooked Over a Trashcan Fire

#9: The Top 10 Favorite Holiday Gifts this Year that Weren’t Apple Products

#8: The Top 10 Commercials of the Year even though the Super Bowl is about to Happen and You Know There are Going to be Even Better Commercials Then

#7: The Top 10 Songs of the Year that Don’t Sound Like Six Cats Fighting over a Leprechaun in a Sack

#6: Your Top 10 Favorite Scenes from Star Wars Movies, but without Giving Away Spoilers Even for Episode V, Which Came Out, Like, Thirty Years Ago (Darth Vader is Luke’s Father <– Spoiler)

#5: The Top 10 Wacky Tricks YOU Can Use at Home to Save Money even though #3-8 are Illegal

#4: The Top 10 Celebrity Scandals of the Year, because this is Important, Dammit

#3: The Top 10 Books of the Year that No One Else Will Pay Attention to Because Books are Too Long to Read on Twitter

#2: The Top 10 Movies of the Year that No One Else Will Agree with and Will Almost Certainly Unfriend You for on Your Top 10 Favorite Social Media Networks

#1: The Top 10 Things That Made You Despair For the Future of Humanity But Which Will Probably Turn out Okay or at Least We’ll Have Forgotten About Them by the Time the New Season of Game of Thrones Starts

Feel free to actually give us your Top 10s in these categories in the comments, below. Super Holidays, Happy Christmas, and Merry New Year, everyone* (*replace these with the holiday of your choice if you are in any way disturbed by these choices).

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