A Kick to the Pants of Traditional Publishing

The world of publishing is changing. Although there will continue to be a place for traditional publishing models for a while yet (if only because we still believe in the idea of the ‘gatekeeper’ — an ‘expert’ who has the knowledge, and the power, to determine whether or not our work is ‘worthy’), non-traditional models are opening up avenues from author to reader that prove to be better for both. When an author’s work goes straight to the reader, it must flourish or falter on its own merits — word-of-mouth becomes all.

Paper or, um, plastic?

Paper or plastic?

Case in point: my friend Liam Watts has spent a great deal of time and ability on his novel, but has eschewed traditional publication methods in favor of e-publishing and self-publishing — not because he would be unable to get his book published through the gatekeepers of the traditional publishing world, but because these new routes allow him more freedom and, ultimately, allow him to garner more revenue from his craft. Many authors have chosen these less-traveled paths. I’ll be doing so myself soon (Support Your Local C. Patrick! 😉 ). But Liam has added a new curve to the backroad — a Kickstarter financing plan. Kickstarter is a website that allows anyone to put their product plans online and offer opportunities for people to engage in micro-financing that project at a variety of levels and with a variety of ‘rewards’.

Liam’s Kickstarter is at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1696794878/singularity-deferred-a-novel

Check it out, and if you like the look of it, help out a struggling (possibly starving. 🙂 ) artist with his project. And while you’re there, take a look at some of the other Kickstarter projects. There’s no reason why the gatekeepers and the financiers and the venture capitalists should have all the fun … or all the power.

And (shameless second plug for me), keep an eye out for my own books in the e-verse and maybe even on Kickstarter. Within the next few months, I’ll be offering e-version collections of these essays (going all the way back to 1999!) and the novels I’ve been working on and polishing the last few years.

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