Friday Fictioneers (March 29, 2013)


copyright 2013 Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Well, it’s Saturday, but here’s my contribution to Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers picture prompt flash fiction writing challenge. Let’s call it “Illumination” (100 words).


“She thought there were ghosts,” Michael said, voice cracking. “She said the lights were the lost holding up lamps, hoping to find their way.”

“Just a reflection–headlights glinting off of wet leaves in the woods.”

“She said that even if we caught up to one, they’d still be lost.”

“Just a reflection.”

Michael sighed. “She said she hoped she was never lost in the dark.”

“A reflection.”

“She said I could be her light back.”


Michael rubbed a hand through his hair. “You aren’t saying much.”

Andy shrugged. “Nothing to say.”


“Did you hear that?” Michael asked.

Andy shook his head. “Hear what?”


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13 Responses to Friday Fictioneers (March 29, 2013)

  1. Me thinks she’s out there. I hope she gives Andy a good scare, the old doubter! Good job on an unusual take on the prompt.


  2. glossarch says:

    This story was a nice puzzle.

  3. Dear C,
    A different take on the prompt. Or is it just a reflection?

  4. Lyn says:

    Andy seems like the strong silent type.Hmmm…I wonder if they were near water would they see two or three reflections? I like what you did with this. You could go a lot further ya know 😉

    • C. Patrick says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure that it’s clear that Andy only says five words during this story. May need more detail to make that obvious.

      • Lyn says:

        I guessed the second piece of dialogue was Andy’s (12 words) – maybe the 4th at a stretch – but definitely no more than that 🙂

      • C. Patrick says:

        Nope. Five words, all of them preceded by the word “Andy.” Michael’s are fairly obvious. Soooo…who said the rest? Muhahahahahahaha…choke…ha!

  5. Lyn says:

    Oooh, now that makes it even moreintriguing. doo-doo doo-doo, doo-doo doo-doo “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.” 🙂

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